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Synopsis: Through the hauntingly beautiful lure of Jason deCaire’s Taylor’s underwater, life-like statues we witness the birth of an artificial coral reef, learn how we are inextricably connected to the ocean and everything in it, and are left to consider how our choices will determine what we leave to future generations. Trailer:   Currently available on:

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Synopsis: Climb for Climate Action follows the journey of four conservationists to the highest point in Africa: the summit of Kilimanjaro. With just five years before the iconic glaciers have completely melted, they come into contact with the wildlife that relies on the current climate to survive, and meet the local people that depend upon the […]

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Synopsis: Momenta is a film about the west, known for its forward-thinking innovation, being caught in the crosshairs of an American paradox: Old Innovation vs. New. Currently, there are proposals to ship coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana to ports in the Pacific Northwest and eventually to Asia to be burned. This […]

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Synopsis: Two filmmakers, a father and son team, turned their cameras Northward to create the documentary, ‘North into the Mist.’ This 50 minute documentary follows two Norwegian scientists, Yngve Kristoffersen and his student, Gaute Hope, who set out on a three month expedition in a small hovercraft to the Polar Ice Cap. Their intention is to […]