As a full-service independent sales agency, ECO Dox provides filmmakers with a wealth of goods and services to help them achieve their marketing and distribution objectives.


One of the most critical components to our business is the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our research.  After all, clients come to us for our knowledge.  And in this business, information is constantly changing.  As a result, we have developed databases which house all of this information.

All reports are custom and can include anything from: pricing and contact info to submission and deliverables guidelines for distribution channels, such as broadcast television, VOD, educational distributors and theatrical exhibitors.

Additionally, we have a fully up-to-date database on film festivals.

ECO Dox is also looking at the possibility of adding a research section to the company website for a premium.  If clients want access on their own, they can pay a one-time or monthly service fee to view certain information.


ECO Dox provides full graphics and marketing services to filmmakers, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Key art, Poster and billboard design
  • Press Kits
  • Theatrical and TV Trailers
  • Radio spots
  • Online marketing and social media campaigns
  • PR to secure critical reviews and interviews with major media
  • Promotional tie-ins and merchandising
  • Sponsorship and fundraising (including crowdfund) design and management

We offer both a la carte as well as custom solutions.   Please e-mail us for more information.


Obviously, this is the biggest service we provide and ultimately, the reason clients come to us.  Through our research and connections, we are able to negotiate favorable deals for our clients and, in some (though very few) cases, even procure advances.

  • Meet and greet exhibitors, buyers at festivals, markets, screenings, premieres
  • Submit films for their review
  • Negotiate contracts


Deliverables refer to a list of requirements such as print materials, publicity materials and legal documentation needed to release a film. Deliverables are the last things created by the production team and delivered to the film’s distributor.

We analyze, prep, ready and ship/FTP/e-mail all deliverables from the filmmaker to the buyer.  This includes the encoding and uploading of files to the right specifications for each individual media platform.


Unless we are signing a particular deal which states otherwise, most royalties are paid out on a quarterly basis.

One of our services is providing filmmakers with clear and concise reporting of all sales and royalty payments made during a certain period.  Generally speaking royalties and royalty payments are issued within 45 days of the end of each quarter.

For our purposes, quarter refers to the following annual dates: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.



DVD/Blu Ray Replication

  • In-house mastering for Blu-ray and DVD
  • BD25, BD50 and DVD replication and printing
  • Procurement of print components, as well as standard and special packaging
  • Automated and manual packaging assembly
  • Distribution and logistics solutions including transportation management services


Film Screening Series

  • Partnering with the Earth Day Network and other NGOs, ECO Dox will launch two film screening series per year to showcase our client base.
  • The first will be an environmentally-themed festival coinciding with Earth Day in Los Angeles.
  • The second will be a human rights-themed festival set for the fall and partnering with various UN and human rights NGOs.
  • Eventually, due to the anticipated popularity of the events, the program will be open up to the general public and turned into 2 separate, independent film festivals.  For more information, please e-mail us.

On-line distribution ordering system (ODOS)

  • All of our research will be accessible on-line through either a one-time or monthly premium.
  • Subscription will be required.
  • Additionally, clients will be able to submit their films to distributors and festivals through our system.  Again, for a premium.